Farm Creek Brewing Company


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More Beer! Coming Soon!

We fought a good fight. We closed on Mondays. And then Tuesdays. But, we still couldn’t keep up with demand for Farm Creek beers.

So, we are temporarily closing our taproom! (WHAT?!?!)

The good news is…..more beer is coming! Lots more! But we can’t make it happen while the taproom is running, because, well…the taproom is right in the middle of the brewery! Closing the taproom (TEMPORARILY!!) will allow us to streamline some brewing processes and ramp up beer production to our maximum capacity. These changes should allow us to make more beer without having to continually shut down to play catch-up. And while we’re closed, we’ll be making a few needed changes in the taproom, too.

In the coming weeks we’ll announce the re-opening, hours and beers. We’re going to have a wider variety of beer styles available and more of it! We will have much to celebrate and we’ll do it with one giant, epic, one-year anniversary, ribbon-cutting, re-grand-opening, just-because-we-can kind of a party! See you there!


Randy and Heather


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Beers On Tap


Current Beers on Tap:

Lloyds’ Lager….Pilsner ABV: 5.4

Third Rail…Belgian Wheat ABV: 5.7

Bright Side…..IPA ABV: 7.2

Milk Stout…..Stout ABV: 4.6

Coming Soon:

 Belgian Saison

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Vinyl Club…Every Wednesday!

We’ve made your dreams come true here at Farm Creek Brewing! We were so sure that everyone had a dream to hang out with friends, meet some new ones, drink beer and listen to records….that we made a special night just for you. We call it…..The Vinyl Club!

Every Wednesday, from 4pm-9pm, we will have the record player set up. So bring your favorite records to share and let’s bond over beer and music. If you bring a record to play, you will receive $1 off every pint. See you on the flip side!

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Walk Tall Beer Release…Community Needed

As you may know…..all of our beers tell a story. So we knew, even before we opened our doors, that this would be a story we wanted to tell. This is a story about our new American lager, made with liberty hops.

We have a deep fondness for the red, white and blue. Service is a big part of our family and our company. We try to always do the right thing… honor and respect others… protect and defend when needed….to be a part of something greater than ourselves. To Walk Tall!

This is how we strive to live. Randy has served in the United States Air Force. Our oldest son currently serves in the United States Army. His wife was active duty with the Army and now is serving with the Army reserves. Our daughter is enlisting in the United States Air Force and is in the process with a recruiter. And our youngest son, age 10, is hoping to serve in the NFL one day. 🙂

Please join us on Friday (April 21st) to help us be a part of something greater! For every beer sold in the taproom that night, we will donate $1 to an organization that helps veterans….Swords To Plowshares. They are a non-profit organization based out of San Francisco.

We want to give them as much as we can but we need your help! All you have to do is come in and drink beer. And maybe buy one or two for your buddy!

See you soon!

Randy and Heather

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We’re Open!



It’s time to come and enjoy beers with us.

The taproom is open:
Tues-Fri 4pm-9pm

Saturday 12pm-9pm

Sunday 1pm-7pm

Closed Mondays

1415 Pine Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

See y’all here soon!

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Beer To Go

IMG_3299 (1)

You can take your favorite Farm Creek Beers wherever your heart desires! Hiking. The pool. The beach. Concerts. We’ve made it easy for our beer to be a part of your life. Beer for life done right!

Come into the brewery and take home the beers of your choice in our 32oz crowlers. We fill it and seal it as soon as you order.

Only $12!

Recycle the can when you’re done! No need to wash it and remember to bring it with you. We’ve got you covered.

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New Year, New Beer!

We thought a good way to start 2016 is by taking a look back at where we’ve been and how we got here. This isn’t a “year in review” post, this is a “brewery in review” post. And WOW!! What a crazy, multi-year ride it has been. Continue reading

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Walnut Creek’s Response to ‘Problems with getting design approvals through Walnut Creek’

When we selected Walnut Creek as the home for the new brewery, people said we were crazy and warned us about how difficult, if not impossible, it is to get a business started in this town. We decided to move forward because we believe in this community and want to support and invest in it and it’s people. We recently posted the letter we sent to the city mayor, manager and planning manager explaining a problem (just one of many) Farm Creek Brewing Company was having with the city moving requirements and charging us for work already approved. Last week we received the response. I’ve posted it, and our subsequent response below.

To date, we have not asked for a concession, favor, variance or anything else from the city of Walnut Creek. We simply want to get this brewery open and begin serving its’ people. However, when we see issues, such as constantly changing requirements and irrational and questionable billing activity, we must speak up. I hope our transparency of this process helps shine a light on how our city staff and elected officials treat small businesses in this town. Furthermore, I hope this leads to changes that will better encourage new businesses and help them have an easier path to getting started in Walnut Creek.

The response from the Mayor of Walnut Creek

from:	Mayor of Walnut Creek <>
to:	"" <>
cc:	Ken Nordhoff <>,
Steve Buckley <>,
Afshan Hamid <>

Dear Mr. Janinda,
After receiving your latest email, I met with staff last week to discuss the status of your project. You have an interesting business concept, and you have made a lot of progress in your development application.
You indicate that the trash enclosure has been disapproved. I do not believe that is the case. Your most recent application was considered to be an incomplete application. Under those circumstances, if every element of the application is not acceptable, then staff must disapprove the application. That is what happened here, but it was not a disapproval of the trash enclosure. For example, since you wish to serve beer to the public, the application must show how it provides ADA access to your door and accessible bathrooms. Until your application includes that information, it cannot be approved. Each of the requirements for a complete application is outlined in the comments you have received from the various City departments since the beginning of your permit process.
I realize that the number of requirements contained in the comments can seem overwhelming. That is why, at this time if you wish to proceed, and I hope that you do, the single best response I can provide is to encourage you to sit down with staff and your architect to go over face-to-face what the requirements are, what you can do now, and what will be the best way for you to proceed from here.
I believe that staff wants to work with you so that you can find a path to success. I hope you act on this information by contacting Afshan Hamid at 943-5899, ext. 2209 to schedule a meeting. I wish you success in your efforts.
Bob Simmons

Our rebuttal to the Mayor of Walnut Creek

from:	Farm Creek <>
to:	Mayor of Walnut Creek <>
cc:	Ken Nordhoff <>,
Steve Buckley <>,
Afshan Hamid <>
Good morning. 

Thank you for your response. You are correct in stating that we have a complex project with many different requirements. To date we are working with Walnut Creek, the State of California, the federal government and a host  of other regulatory agencies each with their own fee structures and compliance requirements. You are also correct that the trash enclosure is not what has held up the current phase of the project as there were many things that needed to be answered. 

However, I don't think I articulated the current issue very well. 

We've had several projects with the city. 
- the original Conditional Use Permit; completed September 2014
- a floor drain install; approved, installed, inspected, completed March 2015
- The trash enclosure design for an existing building; approved March 2015 (Y15-006)
- plan check the interior changes to meet capacity requirements, ADA, mechanical, electrical, etc; pending (B150398)

We will also have several more "projects" including a landscape design approval and a sign permit. 

My original email was sent because I have paid ~$2400 for the trash enclosure approval (Y15-006). In the comments to B150398 there is an item (A10) about the previously approved trash enclosure needing a different roofing material. My architect has been going back and forth with the plan checker, roof manufacturer and Tim Stoddard(?) to provide the relevant information to answer this new requirement.

My complaint is that the trash enclosure design (including colors, building material and roof material) was already approved per Y15-006. Now the city is spending additional time rechecking it (as part of the B150398 plan check) and kicking out new comments that have to be refuted or answered and of course, billed back to me. This is the double billing issue. Pre-approved items should not be subject to continual re-evaluation with new requirements coming out during each cycle of review. If this is allowed, there is no way I can be sure I'll ever clear the permitting process or be able to keep a cap on my permitting fees. 

Hopefully this information clarifies the issue and gives us a path forward. 


Randy Janinda
Farm Creek Brewing Company
Walnut Creek, CA 
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Problems with getting design approvals through Walnut Creek

To: Steven Buckley <>,
Bob Simmons <>,
Ken Nordhoff <>

Good afternoon. 

I have been working for over a year to get Farm Creek Brewing Company established in Walnut Creek. As of today (4/1/2015), I received new information from my architect that a previously approved design item has now been deemed unacceptable and must undergo revisions and review. 

As you all know, when a business applies for a review/approval, they have to pay $1200 as a retainer and are subsequently charged $185 per man-hour of review time. Each design revision is re-reviewed by every department and charged accordingly.

As of today, I have paid ~$15,000 to the City of Walnut Creek. Half of that was for the Conditional Use Permit process, the other half (and still increasing) is for the tenant improvements to our existing building. 

I recently paid ~$1300 to have a city-required trash enclosure design approved. After a few revisions and conversations, the design was accepted and approved. Today, I have been notified that the plan check review for the internal building changes has decided the outside trash enclosure is no longer an approved design and we must make revisions and have subsequent reviews. Of course, there will be additional charges for this iteration.

I have asked nothing from the city during this entire process, but I am continually presented with "requirements" and roadblocks. This latest development seems unethical, if not illegal, as I am again being charged for something that's already been paid for and approved.

I'm not asking for any special treatment or concessions from the city. I am asking that you fix this latest delay and billing issue and then get out of my way so I can get my business open in Walnut Creek.

Please review my project and let me know how the City of Walnut Creek intends to resolve this issue. 

Thank you,

Randy Janinda
Farm Creek Brewing Company
1415 Pine St
Walnut Creek, CA 94596