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More Beer! Coming Soon!

We fought a good fight. We closed on Mondays. And then Tuesdays. But, we still couldn’t keep up with demand for Farm Creek beers.

So, we are temporarily closing our taproom! (WHAT?!?!)

The good news is…..more beer is coming! Lots more! But we can’t make it happen while the taproom is running, because, well…the taproom is right in the middle of the brewery! Closing the taproom (TEMPORARILY!!) will allow us to streamline some brewing processes and ramp up beer production to our maximum capacity. These changes should allow us to make more beer without having to continually shut down to play catch-up. And while we’re closed, we’ll be making a few needed changes in the taproom, too.

In the coming weeks we’ll announce the re-opening, hours and beers. We’re going to have a wider variety of beer styles available and more of it! We will have much to celebrate and we’ll do it with one giant, epic, one-year anniversary, ribbon-cutting, re-grand-opening, just-because-we-can kind of a party! See you there!


Randy and Heather


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